Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Are you an Independent Film Maker, Coach, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur or Videographer who would like residual income from your creative talents and special knowledge?

You have come to the RIGHT PLACE! 

Wouldn’t you like to make residual income for years from what you know?

This is the perfect opportunity for film makers, coaches, consultants, trainers, doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, professors, business people, athletes, engineers, public speakers and experts on any subject to share their skills and make additional income, often for years, without doing any additional work. How? By producing and selling “what you know, on video.” We’ll show you how to find your niche, produce your video(s) and successfully market them.


Imagine producing a video once… and making $100, $500, $2,000 or even much more per month for years! We do it and you can, too.

You’re about to discover proven strategies and techniques to get you started making residual income from what you know.

It’s called video publishing and you don’t have to own a video camera, be on camera, be the subject matter expert or even produce the video yourself to sell information to the over one billion people connected to the internet who are hungry to learn new things, sharpen their skills and discover new opportunities.

We’ve been doing it for over 30 years and will show you how to do it, every step of the way. Download your FREE How To Sell Your Videos Kit right now and learn how you can:

Make money from hobbies and interests you love and do anyway.

Uncover the powerful tools the top internet marketers use to research hot topics.

Research and discover profitable topics.

Utilize tested and proven production techniques to successfully produce a video people will love.

Easily set up your own online store.

Economically reach your potential customers.

Find and successfully joint venture with experts in your niche markets.

Not Only That But You’ll Discover:

What a Special Interest Video is and who the heck buys them.

Why producing these types of videos can be so profitable.

You don’t need to have a store to sell them.

You don’t need to have a camera to make one.

The 5 key elements you’ll need to set up your online business.

9 top techniques to get loads of traffic to your online store…and convert those viewers into buyers.

Enter your name and email for immediate access and you’ll discover how you too can shoot it once then sell it for years! Begin Your Special Interest Video Publishing business TODAY!


Listen to what a few of our wonderful clients and customers have to say:

“A Must-Have for the Special Interest Video Producer, the information contained in this DVD set is priceless! Before you start an SIV business, you need to see this material!” – J Michael, 

“What would I have done had I not met Rick and Kim?! The same thing I was already doing – nothing. Now I have helped people become pain free AROUND THE WORLD through selling my DVDs, which Rick and Kim produced. They showed me how to produce and market them and now I’m on my way.” – Jenny Brantlee, Pain Relief Expert,

“Like what you are doing. You’ve helped me to think more about the instructional video side of things.” – Tim Danyo, Imagination Media,

“I have worked with Rick for over twenty five years. Within the last year, I was privileged to partner with Rick and Kim on a series of educational videos near and dear to my heart, succulents and cacti.” – Dan Lassanke, Professor, California Polytechnic State University, and

To Your Success!

Kim and Rick
“Your Special Interest Video Experts”

Shoot It Once, Sell It For Years
From Anywhere, 7/24/365

Enter your name and email for immediate access and discover how you too can shoot it once then sell it for years! Begin Your Special Interest Video Publishing Business TODAY!




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